Can a Computer Develop a Better Brand Name?

Can a Computer Develop a Better Brand Name?

Most pharmaceutical names suck. It’s unfortunate because these are products that for many people will change lives. In some cases, they cure or extend a life, or at the very least, make a life a little better. Most of the names for game changing products are born from a list of cold attributes, uninspired synonyms, and unpronounceable word parts. 

A big challenge for developing a great Rx brand name is strict regulations that require the name to not sound or look like any other marketed product. With a plethora of products entering the market, that can mean names will continue to get longer and weirder.

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Why Rx Brand Names Must Be Deliberately Strategic

Why Rx Brand Names Must Be Deliberately Strategic

With over 20,000 registered pharmaceutical trademarks in the USPTO database alone, healthcare brands must work harder today than ever before to cut through the noise and truly differentiate from competing products and therapies.

A healthcare brand name is read, written and spoken millions of times a day by HCPs and patients.  It is viewed each time a prescription is written and every time a patient takes a dose.  It is the most visible billboard for the brand...

OBRx Wishes You Happy Holidays & A Wonderful New Year!

At this joyous time of year, we pause to look back on a tremendously fulfilling year and extend heartfelt thanks to those who have made it all possible by entrusting their prized possessions – their brands - to us. 

2016 has seen the continued growth of our OBRx family, enabling us to build terrific new client relationships and expand our body of work into new and exciting directions. 

Happy Holidays from the OptiBrand Rx family to yours. We hope your holidays will be filled with joy and laughter through the New Year.

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Inject the Strategy Back into Brand Name Development

Inject the Strategy Back into Brand Name Development

With all of the regulatory obstacles we face in marketing pharmaceutical products, it is surprising that one of the most undervalued strategic goals is a truly marketable brand name.  Increasingly, it seems the focus for many teams has shifted to simply getting to a name that will clear the regulatory and trademarking hurdles.  But is that really enough?    

In the quest for “a” brand name, rather than “the” brand name, pharmaceutical marketers must often select from a pool of strategically disconnected names.  The term “word jumble” springs to mind.  The search for a memorable and marketable brand name is more than a regulatory task or “stage gate”, it is a key strategic endeavor that will have a significant impact on the success of your brand.