Brand names must work harder and smarter today than ever before.

We believe the development of a great brand name should transcend word jumbles and traditional conventions to uncover name candidates that are an extension of the brand's positioning and an embodiment of how the brand must be perceived. In its true essence the name ultimately becomes the brand.

Over the course of a product's lifecycle, the most consistent element is the name selected for it. The name becomes part of every communication delivered, every patient interaction and every perception built.  It holds the potential to build equity each time it is spoken, heard, written, and read.

In a global marketplace where healthcare companies are besieged with competitive threats virtually from the day of product launch, the need to drive differentiation and memorability of a pharmaceutical brand has never been more critical.

It is our philosophy that identifying a great brand name is much more than a creative exercise. It is a genuine strategic endeavor.  A great brand name does more than drive prescriptions.  It makes a genuine impact on the lives of those who need the product most and those who treat them.

Not Customers. Not Patients. People First.

Healthcare marketers have seen enormous change on a global basis and traditional name development processes have been slow to keep up.

We have seen firsthand that brand name development simply was not receiving the level of attention we felt it deserved.  To us, a brand name is the most recognizable billboard for your brand.  More than a novel combination of letters, a strategically effective brand name must be designed to capitalize on key market & competitive opportunities, and dovetail seamlessly with the brand’s positioning.

With our roots in Strategic Positioning, OBRx was founded to address a growing need among healthcare marketers for a new approach to uncovering meaningful differentiation in their ongoing drive to build and sustain successful brands. 

To ensure your naming needs receive the attention they deserve we apply the same techniques and tools that underpin our strategically-driven brand positioning work to create strategically-effective brand names built on key areas of opportunity. We think differently.  While all names we generate clear a rigorous gauntlet of safety & regulatory checks, they must also live up to our own standards for what a name represents to ensure that each will perform at the highest level in both domestic and global marketplaces. 



After years of development, countless man-hours and significant investment, too much is riding on the success of your product to not get its name and strategy right.  The product must hit the market with the utmost degree of confidence possible.

Our methodology differs from traditional agencies and brand shops in that it is purpose-built to create names that are relevant, emotionally-connected, and dovetail with your brand's top positioning opportunities. We strive to push our teams to develop brand names that exist with purpose.

Each project is built on a proven framework that is tailored to each individual client, product, category, and competitive situation.  We begin with a deep dive into all the scientific and marketing research on your brand.  We identify gaps.  We identify marketing opportunities and create names based on the most promising among them. We test them – both qualitatively and quantitatively – to ensure they are the strongest and safest names for the brand.  Finally, we support them with regulatory papers custom-tailored to make them easier to review by the relevant health authorities. 

Our passion for excellence in the pursuit of great brand names has resulted in the development of a number of proprietary tools – employed all along the way in both creative and regulatory - to improve the breadth and depth of our due diligence process, make the process more inclusive for brand team members located remotely and ensure we are thinking ahead to all the potential barriers which may be encountered when submitting to global health authorities. Further, with all of our work from development to testing conducted in-house, we have the unique ability to meet even the most aggressive timelines.





Our first priority is the success of your brand.  

The way we see it, when your brand succeeds, you succeed.  This is why our engagements don't end at the delivery of a regulatory submission report.  We remain involved and at your service throughout the approval process until you have secured the perfect name.

We give prescribers and patients a reason to Love Your Brand™.  When they love it, they choose it over your competitors.  

When that happens, you win!

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